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venus flytrap bigmouth unpotted 2-3 year old size plant (dio10-2)

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Bigmouth variety flytraps will have dark red coloring inside the traps. Both summer and winter these plants have prostrate ground growing leaves, winter they will be smaller.

Venus flytrap plants lure, capture and digest insects.  If the prey attracted by the sweet odor touches the trigger hairs, the trap snaps shut, catching its victim.  After digesting its meal, it opens in a few days, ready for another victim. Make sure the soil is kept moist during the growing season, from May through October.  Do not keep these plants setting in water unless they are in direct sunlight, they have a tendency to rot if set in water in dimmer light.  Use distilled soft well water or rainwater.  Fly traps like warm humid conditions with summer temperatures between 70-100 degrees.( Item in stock! )

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