rafflesiana BE-4519


History: First introduced in March 2022. Created in our nurseries in 2007 using parent plants which were themselves raised from seed in Borneo Exotics nurseries, we isolated three clones from an original 24, as they were the most vigorous and easy to grow, as well as being typical of the species. Two of the clones with similar appearance to one another have been combined and were launched under BE-3722. This clone s from the same grex of seeds but was kept separate and is not one of the clones comprising BE-3722.

Description: The juvenile pitchers we have seen we have at the time of launch have mostly red pitcher bodies with yellow/ green specking and handsome red striped peristomes.

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A lowlander with colorful pitchers.  The plants and pitchers get huge.

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Unpotted, 3" potted