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Typical Venus Flytrap (dio01-1)

unpotted, size for 2-3 inch pot approximately 2- 3 " leafspan when actively growing
( Item in stock! )Dormant October through March, plants will appear smaller and less attractive at this time. Retains smaller traps during the dormancy time.  Native to North Carolina, this bug grabber is not only fun but functional.  These plants like the great outdoors for growing to proliferate, indoors under bright artificial light only.  They will take down to 20F at night and 90F during the days.  Where there are higher temps, shade will be needed to prevent leaf burn. Winter dormancy starts around October, then the leaves blacken and more ground hugging traps are produced.  These plants self feed, no need to do much besides water and watch them grab a meal.   LARGER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

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Typical Venus Flytrap

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